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toyota land cruiser prado wikipedia - the toyota land cruiser prado is a mid size four wheel drive vehicle in the toyota land cruiser range it is produced by the japanese car maker toyota the prado is one of the smaller vehicles in the range from 2009 the prado is based on toyota s j150 platform, amarok owners opinions vw automotive - don t own an amarok or hilux but do have lots of trade mates who are moving away from hilux s to tritons and ford rangers most of them seem to believe the ranger is the best bang for buck ute of that class on the market these days and the most reliable now, valve clearances and increased performance australian - had some cold weather rough running on start up and i had been thinking maybe the glow plugs needed renewal but i had the ute at the mechanic overnight getting the front lokka fitted wow how good is this truck now and he mentioned the cold start running problems and suggested checking the valve clearances, the car company nelson city branch for vans utes cars - welcome to the car company nelson city branch along with administration at this location there is a large display yard of high quality vehicles and the money company a car company subsidiary and finance company for all your finance and insurance needs, toyota cars parts and spares for old toyotas - listed below are all the adverts placed for toyotas within the modern car parts section on occ pulling together ads that have been placed on the existing specific toyota model pages to view any of these ads in full or add your own advert simply visit the relevant model page on there you ll find all the ads for that particular model in greater detail and also details on how to place your, cheap free mods tacoma world - machinist s workshop recently published information on various penetrating oils the magazine reports they tested these products for break out torque on rusted nuts and bolts, farm clearing sales section - farm clearing sales provides a listing of farming clearing sales occurring in australia regardless of the listing agent, design guide for 12v systems dual batteries solar - design guide for 12v systems dual batteries solar panels and inverters last updated 30 08 2018 need help deciding how you re going to power your beer fridge this is a design guide for 12v systems or dual battery systems used in vehicle setups for touring and camping