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still fighting for you friends of bernie sanders - thanks for signing up this political revolution is powered by people like you donate to help bernie keep fighting for progressive change, senator bernie sanders on democratic socialism in the - in his inaugural remarks in january 1937 in the midst of the great depression president franklin delano roosevelt looked out at the nation and this is what he saw he saw tens of millions of its citizens denied the basic necessities of life he saw millions of families trying to live on incomes so meager that the pall of family disaster hung over them day by day, bernie sanders s politics of national socialism site - related bernie sanders s dark age economics but for the emerging national socialist dusky people abroad are not the only problem i speak with bernie volunteer mckinly springer an earnest, bernie sanders on education feelthebern org - bernie sanders on education bernie sanders believes that all students deserve the opportunity to receive an affordable quality education from the earliest stages of schooling to high level degrees, bernie sanders campaign faced a fake news tsunami where - washington last june john mattes started noticing something coursing like a virus through the facebook page he helped administer for bernie sanders fans in san diego people with no apparent, 1 in 10 bernie sanders supporters ended up voting npr - yes bernie sanders supporters who voted for president trump could have cost hillary clinton the election but then about the same share of republican primary voters defected to clinton, here s why the feds are investigating bernie sanders wife - here s a walk through of the background events that have led to this point bernie sanders met jane o meara in 1981 when sanders was still the mayor of burlington and the two were married in 1988, bernie sanders to supporters act in unprecedented way - credit michael vadon sen bernie sanders is calling for his supporters to act in an unprecedented way to stop president trump and republicans less than one week after james hodgkinson a radicalized sanders supporter and former volunteer for his campaign opened fire on republican congressmen at a baseball practice in virginia, bernie sanders s son levi runs for congress in new - late monday night levi sanders announced that he would be running for congress in new hampshire s 1st district before the sun set tuesday more than 50 people had signed up to volunteer for, emerging portrait of shooting suspect james t hodgkinson - facebook page includes rhetoric against president trump but by early april hodgkinson was seen drinking budweiser and watching golf at a barbecue joint in the del ray neighborhood and sitting, donald trump visits steve scalise in hospital after - four shot at baseball practice in virginia 50 shots fired by gunman with rifle gunman named as james hodgkinson 66 from illinois hodgkinson reportedly volunteered for bernie sanders campaign, to combat political malpractice of democrats in the - sen bernie sanders i vt and new york democrat alexandria ocasio cortez are joining forces next week as they both head to kansas to give progressive contenders a lift as they run on a similar agenda of bold and progressive policies in that state s upcoming democratic primary, the office of hillary rodham clinton - welcome to the office of hillary rodham clinton read about hillary s life see hillary s current projects, sarah sanders white house press briefing 2 00pm - white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders delivers the white house press briefing for wednesday march 28th anticipated start time 2 00pm est update video added wh livestream link rsbn livestream link cnbc livestream link, hillary clinton s 2016 presidential campaign - the re launch of hillary clinton s 2016 presidential campaign june 13 2016 all the clinton cash questions hillary refuses to answer we need to stop the flow of secret unaccountable money hillary clinton said saturday during her vaunted campaign do over, 5 reasons why trump will win michael moore - the depressed sanders vote stop fretting about bernie s supporters not voting for clinton we re voting for clinton the polls already show that more sanders voters will vote for hillary this year than the number of hillary primary voters in 08 who then voted for obama, trump renews attacks on fake fake disgusting news wjla - wilkes barre pa ap president donald trump is renewing his campaign against the media claiming at a pennsylvania rally that the media is the fake fake disgusting news and casting journalists, 2015 november february political notes richard stallman - rss site feed political notes from 2015 november february 2018 july october 2018 march june 2017 november february 2017 july october 2017 march june 2016 november february 2016 july october 2016 march june 2015 november february 2015 july october 2015 march june 2014 november february 2014 july october 2014 march june 2013 november, president trump opioid crisis announcement 2 00pm - president trump is schedule to announce a public health emergency over the opioid crisis this declaration of a public health emergency will allow grant money to be used for the opioid epidemic and ease certain laws and regulations to help deal with it, barack hussein obama conservapedia - barack hussein obama ii reportedly born in honolulu hawaii on august 4 1961 was the 44th president of the united states elected to serve as america first post racial president race relations largely deteriorated under president obama s leadership during the years of his administration a hard veil of censorship fell on the mainstream media and any discussion by critics was typically